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Calculate of wall thickness of pipe

For those of you doing real basic design or engineering for home or work, here’s an easy way to determine wall thickness of steel pipe


Things You’ll Need: tape measure or ruler or OD/ID Mic or equivalent

1 This is real easy. First, using your preferred measuring device, measure the outside diameter of your pipe. Record or mentally note that measurement.

2 Then, measure the inside diameter of your pipe. Record or mentally note that measurement.

3 Then, subtract the inside diameter measurement from the outside diameter measurement. Take that total and divide by two. The result will be your wall thickness

4 To put this all together, let’s do an example. Let’s say your outside diameter (OD) is two inches. Let’s say your inside diameter (ID) is one inch. Subtract one inch from two inches and you have one inch remaining. Divide by two and you’ll have one-half inch wall thickness.

5 Here’s a simple formula: (OD-ID)/2
Or with our example: (2″OD-1″ID)/2 = .50″

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