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Heat Exchanger Technical Term Abbreviation

P Pipe
EL Elbo
ELL Long radius elbow
ELS Short radius elbow
MEL Mitre elbow
REL Reducing elbow
T Tee
LT Lateral tee
RT Reducing tee
R Reducer
CR Concentric red
ER Eccentric reducer
CPL Coupling
FCPL Full coupling
HCPL Half coupling
RCPL Reducing coupling
BU Bushing
UN Union
HC Hose coupler
SE Stub end
NIP Pipe nipple or straight nipple
SNIP Swaged nipple
CP Cap
PL Plug
BLK Blank
SB Spectacle blind
RP Reinforcing pad

Flange Technical Term Abbreviation

FLG Flange
WNF Welding neck flange
SOF Slip-on flange:
SWF Socket-welding flange
T Threaded flange
LJ Lapped joint flange
REDF Reducing flange
BF Blind flange
FSF Flange scaling face
FF Flat face
RF Raised face
MFF Male and Female face
LF Female face
LM Male face
RJ Ring joint face
TG Tongue and groove face
TF Tongue face
GF Groove face

Gasket Technical Term Abbreviation

G Gasket
NMG Non-metallic gasket
AG Asbestos Gasket
RG Rubber Gasket
TEG PTFE Envelope Gasket
SMG Semimetallic gasket
MJG Meta-jacket gasket
SWG Spiral wound gasket
MG Metallic gasket
FMG Flat metallic gasket
SMSG Solid metal serrated gasket
LER Lens ring gasket
OCR Octagonal ring gasket
OVR Oval ring gakset
IR/OR Inner ring and outer ring
IR Inner ring
OR Outer ring

Fastern Technical Term Abbreviation

B Bolt
SB Stud bolt
NU Nut
TB Turnbuckle
WSR Washer
SWSR Spring washer

Valve Technical Term Abbreviation

GV Gate valve
GLV Globe valve
CHV Check valve
BUV Butterfly valve
BAV Ball valve
PV Plug valve (cock)
CV Control valve
SV Safety valve
RV Pressure reducing valve
ST Steam trap
PRV Pressur relief valve
BV Breather valve
NV Needle valve
AV Angle Valve
DV Diaphragm Valve
TWV Three-Way-Valve
SGV Slide Gate Valve

Small Equipment for Piping Technical Term Abbreviation

SPR Separator
FA Flame Arrester
SR Strainer
SRY Y-type Strainer
SRT T-type Strainer
SRB Bucket type Strainer
TSR Temporary Strainer
SIL Silencer
SG Slight glass
SC Sample cooler
DF Drain Funnel
LM Line mixer
RO Restriction orifice
MO Mixing orifice
RD Rupture disk
EJ Expansion joint

Thermal Insulation Technical Term Abbreviation

INS Thermal insulation
H Hot insulation
C Cold insulation
P Personnel protection insulation
T&I racing and insulation

Piping Tracing Technical Term Abbreviation

EST External steam tracing
IST Internal steam tracing
SJT Steam-jacket tracing
ET Electric tracing

Tubes Material and Grade Technical Term Abbreviation

M Metallic material
CS Carbon steel
CAS Cast steel
FS Forged steel
AS Alloy steel
SS Stainless steel

AUST SS Austenitic Stainless Steel
CI Cast iron
MI Malleable iron
DI Ductile iron
AL Aluminum
BRS Brass
BRZ Bronze
CU Copper
LAS Low alloy steel
FLAS Forged low alloy steel
CLAS Cast low alloy steel
THK Thickness
SCH Schedule number
STD Standard
XS Extra strong
XXS Double extra strong

Installation Technical Term Abbreviation

CN Construction north
E East
W West
S South
N North
H Horizontal
V Vertical
GRD Ground
UG Underground
BL Battery limit line
ESEW Emergency shower and eye washer
HS Hose station
ML Match line
PS Piping support
PR Pipe rack
STRU Structure
BLDG Building
PD Purge device
PT Pit
SHLT Shelter
COFF Cofferdam
FL Floor
PF Plateform

Dimension Label Technical Term Abbreviation

EL Elevation
BOP Bottom of pipe
COP Center of pipe
TOP Top of pipe
FOB Flat on bottom
FOT Flat on top
CL Center line
TL Tangent line
SYM Symmetrical
BOS Bottom of support
TOS Top of support
CL Clearance
CTC Center to center
CTF Center to face
CTE Center to end
ETE End to end
FEF Flange and face
FTF Face to face
D Diameter
DN Nominal diameter
ID Inside diameter
OD Outside diameter
DIM Dimension
MAX Maximum
MIN Minimum
AVG Average
APP Approximate
PT.EL Point elevation

Graphic Technical Term Abbreviation

PFD Process flow diagram
PID Piping & instrument diagram
COD Continued on drawing
DTL Datail
SPDWG (ISODWG) Spool drawing (each line isometric drawing)
DWGNO Drawing number
DWGI Drawing identification
LOW List of material
MTO Material take-off
APPX Appendix
JOB. No. Job Number
BEDD Basic engineering design data
DEDD Detail engineering design data 
REV. No. Recision number
REF DWG Reference drawing
SC Sample connection

Operation Mode and Runing Parameter

AUT Automatic
ML Manual control
CHOP Chain operated
CSC Car seal close
CSO Car seal open
LC Lock closed
LO Lock open
NC Normally close
NO Normally open
ATM Atmosphere
PN Nominal pressure
A Absolute Pressure
G Gage Pressure
(T) Temperature
(P) Pressure

Construction Technical Term Abbreviation

W Welding
AW Arc welding
GSAW Gas shielded-acr welding
EFW Elecric fusion welding
ERW Electric Resistance welding
GW Gas welding
LW Lap welding
BW Butt welding
TW Tack welding
SW Socket welding
CW Continuous welding
SEW Seal welding
SFG Surfacing
FW Field welding
HT Heat treatment
PH Preheating
SR Stress relief
PWHT Post weld heat treatment
EIT Examination, inspection & testing
VE Visual examination
UI (UT) Ultrasonic inspection (test)
RI (RT) Radiographic inspection (test)
MPI (MT) Magnetic particle inspection (test)
LPI (PT) Liquid penterant inspection (test)
HADT Hardness testing
HYDT Hydraulic testing
PNET Pneumatic testing
Covered electrode
WW Welding wire
ASSY Assembly
F Field 
F/F Field faricated
SF Suit in field
CSP Cold spring
BCT Bolt cold tightening
BHY Bolt hot tightening
CO Clean out
ANNY Annealed
PE Plain end
BE Belelled end 
   THR Thread
HB Brinnel Hardness
RC Rockwell Hardness

Others Technical Term Abbreviation

FDN Foundation
INF Information
REF Reference
REV Revision
SEQ Sequence
W/E With equipment
W/I With instrument
CM Colour mark
CA Corrosion allowance
UTL Utility
UC Utility connection
QTY Quantity
WT Weight
MHR Man hour
BC Bolt circle
HP High point
LP Low point
SUC Suction
DIS Discharge
SO Steam out
NPT National standard taper pipe thread
NPS National standard straight pipe thread
DR Drain
VT Vent
RTG Rating
CL Class
SMLS Seamless

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Stainless Steel Tubing and Pipe:

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Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes:

UNS N08020 2.4600 Nickel Alloy 20 Seamless Tubing
UNS N02200 2.4066 200 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubing
UNS N04400 400 Nickel Alloy 2.4360 Nickel Alloy Tubing
UNS N08800 800 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N08810 800H UNS N08810 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N08811 800HT Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N08825 825 2.4858 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N06600 600 2.4816 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N06625 625 2.4856 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubes
UNS N10276 C-276 2.4819 Nickel Alloy Seamless Tubing
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